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Apple developing dedicated AI chip called Apple Neural Engine, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/26, 13:39

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Apple may aid investigation into deadly 2016 EgyptAir crash, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/26, 11:01

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Scripting Boot Camp added to CMD-D|Masters of Automation Conference, dsellers, 2017/05/25, 10:11

No prison for Colombian biologist who uploaded scientist’s thesis to Scribd, David Kravets, 2017/05/25, 10:01

Facebook adding Apple News support to Instant Article tools to increase adoption, Zac Hall, 2017/05/25, 09:47

Apple Goes All-In on Apple Newsroom for PR and Refreshes Executive Bio Pages, Ryan Christoffel, 2017/05/25, 09:46

Lotus Cars is saved, being bought by China’s Geely, Jonathan M. Gitlin, 2017/05/25, 09:42

T-Mobile launching its flexible ‘Digits’ plan on May 31st, Engadget RSS Feed, 2017/05/25, 09:39

Bear 1.2 Brings Sketching, New Icons, iMessage Stickers, and VoiceOver, Ryan Christoffel, 2017/05/25, 09:32

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Medicinal use for marijuana confirmed: CBD helps kids with rare epilepsy, Beth Mole, 2017/05/25, 06:12

IK Multimedia debuts new beast Mac synth w/ Moog, Roland, Prophet, & Oberheim sampler-instruments, Justin Kahn, 2017/05/25, 06:08

UK airport installs 2000 iBeacons for augmented reality navigation & passenger tracking, Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/25, 06:07

Readdle Brings Split View Drag & Drop to Their iPad Apps, Federico Viticci, 2017/05/25, 06:00

Apple design head Jony Ive made chancellor of London’s Royal College of Art, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/25, 05:59

AOL launches updated Alto email app w/ integrated calendars & Amazon Alexa support, Jordan Kahn, 2017/05/25, 05:56

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Apple continues roll-out of local currency pricing in App Store with nine more countries, Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/25, 05:33

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Jony Ive appointed chancellor of ‘the world’s best design school’ the Royal College of Art, Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/25, 04:38

World’s first orbital-class rocket launches from a private launch site, Eric Berger, 2017/05/25, 04:22

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Apple transitions App Store pricing to local currencies in 9 new countries, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 18:37

New study finds Apple Watch to be most accurate at measuring heart rate, calorie tracking subpar, Chance Miller, 2017/05/24, 17:21

A wormable code-execution bug has lurked in Samba for 7 years. Patch now!, Dan Goodin, 2017/05/24, 16:30

Apple Watch Proves Most Accurate at Measuring Heart Rate in New Fitness Tracker Study, Juli Clover, 2017/05/24, 16:17

Twitter brings support for live, 360 degree video to its Apple TV app, Chance Miller, 2017/05/24, 16:16

Intel to make Thunderbolt 3 royalty-free in bid to spur adoption, Peter Bright, 2017/05/24, 16:10

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fire lawsuits spreading to Galaxy Note 5, S6, S7 models, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 15:28

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Sphero unveils iOS-controlled Lightning McQueen racer for 0, Blair Altland, 2017/05/24, 10:17

Google and Facebook lobbyists try to stop new online privacy protections, Jon Brodkin, 2017/05/24, 10:15

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 9.7″ iPad Pro 5, Amazon 1-Day Logitech Sale, iOttie iPhone Car Mount , more, Justin Kahn, 2017/05/24, 09:30

Windows switch to Git almost complete: 8,500 commits and 1,760 builds each day, Peter Bright, 2017/05/24, 09:27

Mercury Helios 3 Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Expansion Chassis Now Available, MacSales.com Newsfeed, 2017/05/24, 09:21

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Elgato’s 0 Thunderbolt 3 Dock With Dual 4K Display Support Launches June 6, Juli Clover, 2017/05/24, 09:03

DJI debuts 9 Spark handheld drone with hand-gesture controls, 1080p video camera, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 08:57

Elgato’s expansive Thunderbolt 3 Dock for new MacBook Pros launching on June 6, Zac Hall, 2017/05/24, 08:53

AT&T suggests cutting Game of Thrones to 20 minutes for mobile devices, Jon Brodkin, 2017/05/24, 08:46

QuarkXPress 2017 expands layout tech, brings non-destructive image editing, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 08:28

EE commences sales of new 32GB iPhone 6 model in United Kingdom, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 08:27

Pick 12 great Mac apps/utilities from selection of 60 (!!) for [+ 9to5Rewards Giveaway], 9to5 Staff, 2017/05/24, 08:22

Feds probing psychiatric hospitals for locking in patients to boost profits, Beth Mole, 2017/05/24, 08:04

Intel Looks to Broaden Thunderbolt 3 Adoption by Integrating Into Future CPUs, Eliminating Royalties, Joe Rossignol, 2017/05/24, 08:00

Apple rumored to have ordered small batch of Micro LED screens for testing, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 07:57

Honda’s 2018 Odyssey Minivan goes on sale as latest vehicle with Apple’s CarPlay, Jordan Kahn, 2017/05/24, 07:43

Honda’s 2018 Odyssey Minivan goes on sale as latest vehicle with Apple’s CarPlay, Jordan Kahn, 2017/05/24, 07:43

Viacom wants to leave sports in the dust with future “skinny” TV bundle, Valentina Palladino, 2017/05/24, 07:31

Garmin steps up against GoPro with new iPhone-connected VIRB 360 action camera, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 07:28

Malware Scourge Threatens Billions of Android Devices, Jonny Evans, 2017/05/24, 07:26

Connected, Episode 143: Super Sleuthing, Federico Viticci, 2017/05/24, 07:14

PSA: Many major media players vulnerable to attack via malicious subtitles files [Video], Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/24, 07:11

Apple launches app development curriculum, dsellers, 2017/05/24, 07:06

Intel making Thunderbolt 3 royalty-free for manufacturers before end of 2017, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 07:05

The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: Casio unveils luxurious GravityMaster watch, Joel Mathis, 2017/05/24, 07:00

Northern Ireland study finds multiple benefits to using iPads in elementary classrooms, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 07:00

ImageFramer 4.0 adds new features for photographers and artists, dsellers, 2017/05/24, 06:49

Apple launches free courses for the next generation of app coders, Engadget RSS Feed, 2017/05/24, 06:45

Report: Apple set for trial production run of microLED devices as it looks beyond OLED, Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/24, 06:39

‘iPhone 8’ production problems force late shipments, but little impact on Apple stock, analyst says, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/24, 06:30

QuarkXPress 2017 now available, dsellers, 2017/05/24, 06:27

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Digit review: Online savings account service to help you save money needs better controls, Jeffery Battersby, 2017/05/24, 06:00

An iPhone and Mac could be all you need to renew your eyeglasses prescription, Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/24, 05:56

IKEA’s low-cost smart lights get Alexa, Google, and Siri voice support, Mark Walton, 2017/05/24, 05:55

Nokia 3310 review: No matter how much you think you want it, you don’t want it, Mark Walton, 2017/05/24, 05:45

Analysts say Apple’s reality distortion field wearing off in China as iPhone sales drop 20%, Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/24, 05:23

Non-mutant mice sired from space sperm boost hope of cosmic human conception, Beth Mole, 2017/05/24, 05:15

Apple Introduces Swift Curriculum for High School and Community College Students, John Voorhees, 2017/05/24, 05:05

Worm moms pump eggs full of toxin, demand they inherit an antidote, Diana Gitig, 2017/05/24, 05:00

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IFTTT launches Maker tier with support for multiple Applet actions, Greg Barbosa, 2017/05/24, 04:59

Garmin launches a seriously-specced 360-degree action cam at an equally serious price, Ben Lovejoy, 2017/05/24, 04:37

The A-EON Amiga X5000: An alternate universe where the Amiga platform never died, Jeremy Reimer, 2017/05/24, 04:30

CS Odessa announces ConceptDraw Plan 1.1, dsellers, 2017/05/24, 04:06

Gmail vs Inbox: Which Google email client is right for you?, Michael Simon, 2017/05/24, 04:00

Apple launches new Swift app development curriculum for free on iBooks, offered at six community colleges this fall, Benjamin Mayo, 2017/05/24, 03:32

Siri vs. Google Assistant: Which is better for iPhone users?, Oscar Raymundo,n n Michael Simon, 2017/05/24, 03:31

Why Google Assistant for iPhone can’t replace Siri just yet, Oscar Raymundo, 2017/05/24, 03:30

Apple’s re-launched 32 GB iPhone 6 now on sale in the UK, Benjamin Mayo, 2017/05/24, 03:07

WWDC 2017 Wish List: 4 accessibility features Apple needs to add to iOS and macOS, Steven Aquino, 2017/05/24, 03:00

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Winner of the Apple AirPods giveaway announced [Dave S.], AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/23, 20:37

1Password introduces Travel Mode to protect data during trips, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/23, 19:23

First video of ‘iPhone 8’ mockup hits the web, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2017/05/23, 18:18

iPhone 8 dummy unit shown off in hands-on video, Zac Hall, 2017/05/23, 17:08

Apple and Nokia bury the hatchet, Joe Mullin, 2017/05/23, 16:45

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