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Apple should allow Steam Link into App Store despite violating third-party marketplace rules, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/25, 09:32

Apple Begins Selling Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 Models With LTE, Joe Rossignol, 2018/05/25, 08:57

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Court docs show Apple knew about the bendiness of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Valentina Palladino, 2018/05/25, 07:35

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Essential Phone maker cancels next smartphone, may put company up for sale, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/25, 06:05

AppleInsider Podcast discusses Foxconn in Wisconsin, Apple’s self-driving news, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/25, 05:55

Apple blocks Steam Link on iOS for ‘business conflicts’, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/05/25, 05:40

Apple blocks Steam Link on iOS for ‘business conflicts’, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/05/25, 05:40

Editorial: More companies need to temper their Artificial Intelligence with authentic ethics, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/25, 05:32

How to save an MP3 or AAC file to your iPhone or iPad, Jason Cross, 2018/05/25, 05:00

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Apple reportedly knew the iPhone 6 was bendier than previous models, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/05/25, 04:15

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Gruber suggests Mac App Store to get iOS 11-style redesign in macOS 10.14, Chance Miller, 2018/05/24, 18:35

Pioneer officially confirms new wireless CarPlay head units starting at 0, Chance Miller, 2018/05/24, 18:07

Apple has rejected iOS version of Steam Link app, Valve says, Kyle Orland, 2018/05/24, 17:49

Apple now offering one free month of upgraded iCloud storage plans, Chance Miller, 2018/05/24, 16:59

The Steam Link app for iOS is dead, rejected by Apple, Leif Johnson, 2018/05/24, 16:46

Snapchat rolling out new Send and Request location features aimed to be more privacy cautious, Peter Cao, 2018/05/24, 16:45

Apple Rejects Valve’s Steam Link App Due to ‘Business Conflicts’, Juli Clover, 2018/05/24, 16:33

Apple rejects Steam Link app from App Store, cites breach of guidelines, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 16:27

Valve says Apple has rejected its Steam Link app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Chance Miller, 2018/05/24, 16:25

Apple promotes free month of upgraded iCloud storage to non-paying users, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 15:58

Jury rules Samsung owes Apple 9 million in iPhone patent trial, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/05/24, 15:22

Samsung Ordered to Pay Apple 9 Million in iPhone Design Patent Retrial, Juli Clover, 2018/05/24, 15:12

Lowest prices around: 13″ MacBook Pro w/ 256GB SSD for ,269; 13″ Touch Bar for ,595; up to 7 off Sonos speakers, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 15:04

Samsung owes Apple 9M for infringing on iPhone patents, jury finds, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 14:45

Jury sides with Apple in long-running Samsung patent case, awards 3M in damages, Chance Miller, 2018/05/24, 14:43

May Drive Savings Event Brings Up to 78 Percent Off Storage!, MacSales.com Newsfeed, 2018/05/24, 14:35

Gamers involved in December’s “swatting” death just got indicted, Timothy B. Lee, 2018/05/24, 14:20

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The DoJ is reportedly probing the murky world of bitcoin trading, Dan Goodin, 2018/05/24, 13:38

T-Mobile website exposed customer data, had no password protection, Michael Potuck, 2018/05/24, 13:28

Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro inventory dwindles ahead of possible update at WWDC, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 13:26

Dealmaster: Memorial Day sales on TVs, laptops, and more are underway, Ars Staff, 2018/05/24, 13:25

Comcast may soon control what you pay to watch your favorite sports teams, Jon Brodkin, 2018/05/24, 13:11

Amazon’s Alexa Recorded a Woman’s Private Conversation and Sent it to a Contact, Juli Clover, 2018/05/24, 13:04

Vevo music platform axing iOS and Apple TV apps, shifting to YouTube only, Peter Cao, 2018/05/24, 12:54

Unprotected T-Mobile API Let Anyone Get Customer Data With Just a Phone Number, Juli Clover, 2018/05/24, 12:39

Amazon Echo recorded household audio, sent it to random contact, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 12:23

Samsung might save Android smartwatches from irrelevance, Ron Amadeo, 2018/05/24, 12:00

Speaker manufacturer Leon shows its work for Apple Park’s 367 ‘huddle rooms’, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 11:59

Apple taken to task for actions of Chinese suppliers in ‘Complicit’ documentary, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 11:09

How to buy a refurbished iMac Pro, MacBook, Mac, iPhone, or iPad from Apple, Roman Loyola, 2018/05/24, 11:00

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Best Buy has great deals on multiple Apple products for Memorial Day, Leif Johnson, 2018/05/24, 10:51

White House policy seeks fewer lawyers, more engineers at space companies, Eric Berger, 2018/05/24, 10:40

Apple knew in advance about iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus ‘Bendgate’ says court filing, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 10:38

Apple downplayed ‘Bendgate’, but documents show Apple expected iPhone 6 issue, Peter Cao, 2018/05/24, 10:29

America, your offshore wind is coming: 1.2GW in contracts awarded, Megan Geuss, 2018/05/24, 10:27

Vevo giving up on iPhone, iPad apps to focus on YouTube, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 10:23

Speaker manufacturer Leon details challenges of designing Apple Park’s audio system [Video], Michael Steeber, 2018/05/24, 10:23

Protein that chikungunya virus uses to get into cells is identified, Diana Gitig, 2018/05/24, 09:57

Wireless Apple CarPlay support included in new Pioneer dash receivers, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 09:44

Apple Knew About Bendgate and Touch Disease iPhone 6 Issues Months in Advance of Repair Programs, Juli Clover, 2018/05/24, 09:44

Mophie unveils new on-the-go wireless charging kit, includes car and hotel chargers, Peter Cao, 2018/05/24, 09:42

9to5Toys Lunch Break: Best Buy Memorial Day Sale, Philips HomeKit Hue Bundle 0 off, 15″ MacBook Pro 0 off, more, Justin Kahn, 2018/05/24, 09:30

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NTSB: Uber’s sensors worked; its software utterly failed in fatal crash, Timothy B. Lee, 2018/05/24, 08:10

YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music but won’t kill user uploads, Jeff Dunn, 2018/05/24, 08:07

The self-driving Apple Car has arrived, but it’s not exactly what we dreamed it would be, Michael Simon, 2018/05/24, 07:58

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Apple patent describes likely next step in ‘Do not disturb while driving’ feature, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/05/24, 06:05

Acer’s Chromebook Spin 13 tempts professionals to use Chrome OS at work, Valentina Palladino, 2018/05/24, 06:01

Many Facebook questions still unanswered, as non-EU users asked to review settings, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/05/24, 05:30

Apple’s Siri could decline phone calls with context-sensitive text responses in the future, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/24, 05:27

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Apple, VW sign driverless car deal for Apple campus shuttles, NY Times sources say, Megan Geuss, 2018/05/23, 20:09

Growing number of iPhone X users report easily cracking camera lens, Chance Miller, 2018/05/23, 19:14

FBI seizes domain Russia allegedly used to infect 500,000 consumer routers, Dan Goodin, 2018/05/23, 18:26

Instapaper says it will temporarily go offline in Europe due to GDPR, Chance Miller, 2018/05/23, 17:10

Illustration in the iOS 11 App Store, Federico Viticci, 2018/05/23, 17:09

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Apple Inks Deal With Volkswagen for Self-Driving Employee Shuttles, Juli Clover, 2018/05/23, 15:45

Apple’s self-driving shuttle project to use Volkswagen vans, report says, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/23, 15:43

Report: After failed talks w/ Mercedes & BMW, Apple reaches self-driving car deal with Volkswagen, Chance Miller, 2018/05/23, 15:33

Judge orders Donald Trump to stop blocking people on Twitter, Timothy B. Lee, 2018/05/23, 15:20

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Arizona state education standards see evolution deleted, John Timmer, 2018/05/23, 12:10

Uber drops self-driving operation in Arizona, following fatality, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/23, 11:42

Matt Groening’s first fantasy-cartoon series finally has release date, screens, Sam Machkovech, 2018/05/23, 11:40

Comcast confirms plan to buy 21st Century Fox and control of Hulu, Jon Brodkin, 2018/05/23, 11:19

Apple offers credit if you paid full price for an iPhone battery replacement last year, Michael Simon, 2018/05/23, 10:34

Lawsuit over Apple’s Powerbeats3 battery, sweat resistance given partial go-ahead, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/23, 10:28

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Apple Hit With Second Class Action Lawsuit Over ‘Defective’ Keyboards in Recent MacBook, MacBook Pro Models, Joe Rossignol, 2018/05/23, 10:13

Apple Watch leads wearable device market with estimated 3.8M unit shipments in first quarter, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/23, 10:07

iOS 12 concept reimagines Notifications, with an emphasis on app-based grouping, Peter Cao, 2018/05/23, 10:06

Stellarator’s plasma results show a triumph of engineering and modeling, Chris Lee, 2018/05/23, 09:50

Apple Watch defining LTE wearables market with 60% of global sales, likely higher in the US, Michael Potuck, 2018/05/23, 09:41

Apple offers credit if you paid for a new iPhone battery last year, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/05/23, 09:34

9to5Toys Lunch Break: iOttie iPhone Car Mount , MFi Apple Watch Charger , HP Envy Printer w/ AirPrint , more, Blair Altland, 2018/05/23, 09:31

This rugged electric off-roader from Nikola has specs to rival a Tesla, Jonathan M. Gitlin, 2018/05/23, 09:30

Internal Uber email announces shutdown of Arizona driverless car testing, Timothy B. Lee, 2018/05/23, 09:27

Apple offering credit for iPhone batteries replaced before discounted repair program, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/23, 09:21

You can add “harder to fix” to the list of OnePlus 6 downgrades, Ron Amadeo, 2018/05/23, 09:20

Apple will let all users download their collected personal data, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/05/23, 09:19

Our favorite Kindle reader, the Paperwhite, is on sale for 25 percent off today, Alexandria Haslam, 2018/05/23, 09:11

Apple Offering Credit to Customers Who Paid for iPhone 6 and Later Battery Replacements From January to December 2017, Juli Clover, 2018/05/23, 09:03

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Apple will give credit to customers who paid full price for iPhone battery repairs in 2017, Benjamin Mayo, 2018/05/23, 09:00

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How to use Apple’s new online privacy tools, Jonny Evans, 2018/05/23, 08:22

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Foxconn’s Wisconsin plant could make Apple iPhone and Mac displays after all, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/23, 07:02

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Apple Debuts New Data and Privacy Website in Europe Ahead of GDPR Effective Date, John Voorhees, 2018/05/23, 06:13

Feature Request: Handoff for music between iOS devices, Macs and HomePods, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/05/23, 05:58

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Apple’s MacBook butterfly switch keyboards target of second class action complaint, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/22, 21:34

Apple partner TSMC begins mass production of 7nm processors for next-generation iPhone, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/22, 20:13

Apple Supplier TSMC Begins Production on Processors Destined for 2018 iPhones, Juli Clover, 2018/05/22, 19:31

FBI reportedly inflated statistics on encrypted cellphone threat, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/22, 19:30

FBI ‘repeatedly’ overstated the number of devices it couldn’t access because of encryption, Chance Miller, 2018/05/22, 19:17

Apple partner TSMC begins mass production of 7-nanometer ‘A12’ processors for this year’s iPhones, Chance Miller, 2018/05/22, 18:44

Report: Many independent theaters happy to accept MoviePass, but fear the service will shut down, Chance Miller, 2018/05/22, 18:16

FBI ‘Grossly Inflated’ Statistics on Investigations Stymied by Encrypted Smartphones, Juli Clover, 2018/05/22, 17:50

Craig Federighi Says Apple Intends to Address APFS Support for Fusion Drives ‘Very Soon’, Juli Clover, 2018/05/22, 17:07

Alabama schools to offer one-week summer courses based on Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Code’, Chance Miller, 2018/05/22, 16:25

Police use of Amazon’s face-recognition service draws privacy warnings, Dan Goodin, 2018/05/22, 16:00

EPA boots reporters from meeting on chemicals called a PR disaster, John Timmer, 2018/05/22, 15:30

Notability for iOS adds handwriting search & conversion, side-by-side view, more, Chance Miller, 2018/05/22, 15:26

Apple to stream WWDC 2018 keynote live, Roman Loyola, 2018/05/22, 14:53

Wish list: Nine features we want to see in an iMac refresh at WWDC 2018, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/22, 14:43

Apple to live stream WWDC 2018 keynote on June 4, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/22, 14:36

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“Like slavery”: Rehab patients forced into unpaid labor to cover “treatment”, Beth Mole, 2018/05/22, 13:16

‘Safe & Sound’ smoke alarm with HomeKit and built-in Alexa now available, AirPlay 2 promised, Michael Potuck, 2018/05/22, 13:14

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‘Once Upon a Time’ co-creators join Apple’s ‘Amazing Stories’ reboot as new showrunners, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/22, 12:30

Legrand Radiant Wireless Charger offers in-wall power for Apple’s iPhone 8 & iPhone X, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/05/22, 12:24

Graphic Designer Envisions Apple Music With Simpler UI, Music History Stats, Group Playlists, and More, Mitchel Broussard, 2018/05/22, 12:18

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Apple’s original TV shows and series: Amazing Stories gets new showrunners, Jason Cross, 2018/05/22, 10:12

Apple taps Lost and Tron talent for upcoming ‘Amazing Stories’ reboot, Peter Cao, 2018/05/22, 09:52

Legrand unveils sleek in-wall Qi wireless iPhone charger with minimal footprint, Michael Potuck, 2018/05/22, 09:51

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Apple Sends Media Invites for WWDC Keynote on June 4, Juli Clover, 2018/05/22, 09:04

Apple Sends Media Invites for WWDC Keynote on June 4, Juli Clover, 2018/05/22, 09:04

Apple invites press to WWDC 2018 keynote, iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 unveil expected, Zac Hall, 2018/05/22, 09:03

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A Redesigned 1Password 7 for Mac Enhances Watchtower and Adds Flexibility to Vaults, App Login Support, and More, John Voorhees, 2018/05/22, 09:00

1Password 7 for Mac now available with overhauled ‘mini’ window, refreshed design, much more, Zac Hall, 2018/05/22, 08:57

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Trump feels presidential smartphone security is “too inconvenient”, Sean Gallagher, 2018/05/22, 08:41

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The Samsung T5, our favorite portable SSD drive, just hit its lowest price ever, Alexandria Haslam, 2018/05/22, 07:42

Instagram now lets you mute friends so you can un-see bad photos without unfollowing, Michael Potuck, 2018/05/22, 07:35

Razer slims down Blade, debuts macOS-compatible eGPU enclosure, Valentina Palladino, 2018/05/22, 07:10

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How to watch today’s livestream of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s European grilling, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/05/22, 06:13

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Spark 2 Hands-On: Email for Teams with App Integrations, Federico Viticci, 2018/05/22, 06:00

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Pricing and availability announced for Mac version of Total War: Thrones of Britannia, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/05/22, 05:04

How to find out where Apple stores your iCloud data (spoiler: you can’t exactly), Glenn Fleishman, 2018/05/22, 05:00

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