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Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series, Sam Machkovech, 2018/08/17, 16:55

iOS Twitter client Leaf joins others as it announces end of life due to Twitter API changes, Peter Cao, 2018/08/17, 15:42

Next Windows 10 update nearing completion as it gets its official name, Peter Bright, 2018/08/17, 14:56

U.S. government asks Facebook to break Messenger encryption to wiretap voice messages, Peter Cao, 2018/08/17, 14:32

9to5Rewards: Still time to enter our 2018 MacBook Pro giveaway!! (+ 10% off at Hyper), Sponsored Post, 2018/08/17, 14:22

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Russia is down to a single female cosmonaut, and she may never fly, Eric Berger, 2018/08/17, 13:38

Motorola’s New P30 Smartphone Blatantly Copies iPhone X, Juli Clover, 2018/08/17, 13:17

The blockchain bonanza is over for graphics card makers, Timothy B. Lee, 2018/08/17, 13:16

Can you use MacBook Pro chargers for iPhone and iPad fast charging?, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/17, 12:57

Brooklynn Prince will play Hilde Lysiak in Apple’s upcoming TV series, Zac Hall, 2018/08/17, 12:16

How to get more speed and features out of Safari on Mac and iOS, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 12:10

HBO picks up Watchmen live-action TV series, will debut in 2019, Sam Machkovech, 2018/08/17, 12:08

RIP Time Travel – A seldom-used Apple Watch feature set to disappear with watchOS 5, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 11:07

Will Apple add AirPlay 2 to AirPort Express?, Zac Hall, 2018/08/17, 10:52

The 10.5″ iPad Pro with LTE is selling for 0 off at B&H, Leif Johnson, 2018/08/17, 10:35

Disney just dropped a trailer for its new Star Wars Resistance show, Jonathan M. Gitlin, 2018/08/17, 10:17

Group FaceTime is only the latest of many Apple technologies to be delayed, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 09:50

After employee revolt, Google says it is “not close” to launching search in China, Ron Amadeo, 2018/08/17, 09:44

9toyToys Lunch Break: Best Buy Anniversary Apple Sale, 0 off iPad Pro, Amazon Echo Deals from , more, Blair Altland, 2018/08/17, 09:30

African palm oil expansion is bad news for the continent’s primates, Cathleen O’Grady, 2018/08/17, 09:18

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Sony deal brings 23 more Prince albums to Apple Music, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 08:24

Elon Musk says he is having the most “painful year of my career”, Timothy B. Lee, 2018/08/17, 08:11

Beats 1 Zane Lowe talks about the changing role of the music influencer, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 08:00

Amazon slashes up to 20% off Fitbit Charge 2 as Charge 3 rumors heat up, Alexandria Haslam, 2018/08/17, 07:59

Reveal metal objects with Wi-Fi; overexcited engineers think security, Chris Lee, 2018/08/17, 07:34

24 Prince albums now available on Apple Music, including brand new compilation, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/17, 07:18

Years after Mylan’s epic EpiPen price hikes, it finally gets a generic rival, Beth Mole, 2018/08/17, 07:05

Google may be prepping self-designed smart display for Christmas, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 07:01

Feature Request: iBeacon-based locations in the home for smarter HomeKit control, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/17, 06:40

Brainstorm ideas with these three mind mapping apps on iOS and macOS, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 06:21

Apple Says No Personal Data Was Compromised in Australian Teenager Hacking Incident, Joe Rossignol, 2018/08/17, 06:02

Apple Says No Personal Data Was Compromised in Australian Teenager Hacking Incident, Joe Rossignol, 2018/08/17, 06:02

Podcast discusses Apple’s money, where it comes from, where it goes and more, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 05:35

New ,200 MacBook, refreshed iPad Pro models could be announced during Apple’s September event, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/17, 05:01

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‘Entry-Level’ 13-inch MacBook, Redesigned iPad Pros With Faster 18W USB-C Charger Coming in September, But no New iPad Mini, Tim Hardwick, 2018/08/17, 03:05

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Digitimes: 00 13-inch ‘entry-level’ MacBook in September, 0 AirPower, no new iPad mini, Benjamin Mayo, 2018/08/17, 01:45

Apple says no personal data compromised in teenager hacking incident, Benjamin Mayo, 2018/08/17, 01:30

F1 2018 is worth buying even if you own last year’s version, Jonathan M. Gitlin, 2018/08/17, 01:00

How to use streaming for Twitter on Mac, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/17, 00:00

Game dev suffers broken teeth, skull fracture after trying to film arrest, Sam Machkovech, 2018/08/16, 23:00

Apple says no customer information involved in hack by Australian teen, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 21:15

Review: Lifx Tile is a fun but flawed HomeKit accent lighting accessory, Chance Miller, 2018/08/16, 18:39

Google confirms it tracks users even when ‘Location History’ setting is disabled, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 18:01

New Iron Fist Season 2 trailer renews our hope for the Netflix series, Jennifer Ouellette, 2018/08/16, 17:05

Review: Audio-Technica’s ANC700BT headphones sound great, but are marred by odd controls, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 15:41

Amazon looking to expand its brick-and-mortar presence with potential Landmark Theaters acquisition, Peter Cao, 2018/08/16, 15:31

Polls show little support for Trump’s Space Force, Sean Gallagher, 2018/08/16, 14:29

The Other World – Episode 199, MacSales.com Newsfeed, 2018/08/16, 13:55

The nightmarishly complex wheat genome finally yields to scientists, Diana Gitig, 2018/08/16, 13:50

After coffee brewhaha, CA fears cancer warnings have “gone seriously wrong”, Beth Mole, 2018/08/16, 13:31

Review: Leviton’s USB-C & USB-A wall outlet offers lots of charging convenience, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/16, 13:25

Two days after Turkey’s Apple boycott, smashed iPhones and enforcement questions, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 13:08

Ajit Pai knew DDoS claim was false in January, says he couldn’t tell Congress, Jon Brodkin, 2018/08/16, 13:00

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OWC reveals Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter for MacBook Pro, iMac, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 12:50

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Twitter Explains API Changes to Employees as Limits for Third-Party Apps Go Live, Juli Clover, 2018/08/16, 11:10

Just in time for school, B&H is selling 12-inch MacBooks for up to 0 off, Leif Johnson, 2018/08/16, 10:50

Google reportedly plans flagship retail store (again), this time in Chicago, Ron Amadeo, 2018/08/16, 10:40

MoviePass finds new way to limit remaining members with daily movie lineup restriction, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/16, 10:34

Verizon Subscribers With Unlimited Plan Can Now Sign Up for Six Free Months of Apple Music, Juli Clover, 2018/08/16, 10:31

Australian teen pleads guilty to hacking Apple, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/08/16, 10:29

Apple considers ways to improve 360-degree, multi-camera video for use with VR headsets, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 10:19

Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chip gets another outing in new NUC mini PC, Peter Bright, 2018/08/16, 09:50

Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chip gets another outing in new NUC mini PC, Peter Bright, 2018/08/16, 09:50

Apple Store seen growing to 600 locations worldwide by 2023, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 09:48

Twitter explains why it’s hurting Tweetbot and Twitterrific in internal email, Zac Hall, 2018/08/16, 09:45

Google One Launches with New Cloud Storage Tiers, Ryan Christoffel, 2018/08/16, 09:40

Get Greater Security, Bandwidth with OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter, MacSales.com Newsfeed, 2018/08/16, 09:39

iOS 12: Beta 8 released to public testers, Macworld Staff, 2018/08/16, 09:38

9to5Toys Lunch Break: 12″ MacBook 0 off, Philips Hue Bundle w/ HomeKit 0, PNY 240GB Portable SSD , more, Justin Kahn, 2018/08/16, 09:34

Nintendo’s Switch has been hiding a buried “VrMode” for over a year, Kyle Orland, 2018/08/16, 09:30

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New report backs claims 2018 iPhones will support Apple Pencil, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 07:39

Improved keyless entry system could replace car key fob with iPhone, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 07:35

Review: Understands Butler, a neat wooden shelf for an iMac or Apple monitor, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/16, 07:28

Kroger launches autonomous grocery delivery service in Arizona, Timothy B. Lee, 2018/08/16, 07:24

Ancient Egyptians had been making mummies longer than anyone thought, Kiona N. Smith, 2018/08/16, 07:18

Steam may get tools to play Windows games on Linux and Mac, code deep-dive finds, Hayden Dingman, 2018/08/16, 07:08

ARM-powered Mac idea boosted by firm claiming its chips can out-perform Intel, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/16, 07:06

High-energy protons emitted after hooking up with neutrons, Chris Lee, 2018/08/16, 07:01

T-Mobile launches 30-day free trials in Atlanta, Austin & Boston, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 06:50

Please join us in welcoming Ars’ newest contributor, Jennifer Ouellette, John Timmer, 2018/08/16, 06:36

Further report that this year’s OLED iPhones will support the Apple Pencil, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/16, 06:31

ISPs say they can’t expand broadband unless gov’t gives them more money, Jon Brodkin, 2018/08/16, 06:00

Australian teenager hacked Apple’s corporate network, accessed data and user accounts, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 05:57

Another Report Says Second-Generation iPhone X and iPhone X Plus Will Support Apple Pencil, Joe Rossignol, 2018/08/16, 05:43

Elon Musk’s Boring Company proposes one-way, 3.6 mile tunnel to Dodger Stadium, Megan Geuss, 2018/08/16, 05:30

How to control the order of images in a Photos for Mac slideshow, Glenn Fleishman, 2018/08/16, 05:00

Short tip: Tell people you can’t text because: Driving, Jonny Evans, 2018/08/16, 04:59

Google rebrands cloud storage services as Google One with cheaper plans, extra benefits, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/16, 04:56

High school student hacked into Apple servers and downloaded 90GB of ‘secure files’, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/16, 04:42

Melbourne Teen Pleads Guilty to Hacking Apple Servers and Accessing Customer Accounts, Tim Hardwick, 2018/08/16, 04:08

Kickstarter campaign offers nostalgic Apple pillow collection without saying so …, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/16, 04:00

Kickstarter campaign offers nostalgic Apple pillow collection without saying so …, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/16, 04:00

Working it: iPad productivity isn’t about cursors, The Macalope, 2018/08/16, 04:00

Smart home systems vs. home security systems: How to choose the right DIY platform, Christopher Null, 2018/08/16, 03:00

What the cord cutting naysayers still get wrong, Jared Newman, 2018/08/16, 03:00

Home security systems vs. smart home systems: How to choose the right DIY platform, Christopher Null, 2018/08/16, 03:00

iPhone: How to enable True North in Compass, Peter Cao, 2018/08/16, 00:01

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Hands-on: iOS 12 beta 7/8 changes and features [Video], Jeff Benjamin, 2018/08/15, 21:15

Watch this breathtaking GIF of Apple Park’s 3-story lunchroom door opening, Peter Cao, 2018/08/15, 21:06

Watch Apple Park’s massive motorized cafeteria doors open in this video, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 20:04

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DNA reveals ancient parrot breeder supplied US Southwest peoples, Scott K. Johnson, 2018/08/15, 15:11

Diablo III’s Switch version leaked ahead of official unveil, coming “2018”, Sam Machkovech, 2018/08/15, 14:40

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors about the iPhone, Apple Car, AR glasses, Jason Cross,n n Leif Johnson,n n Roman Loyola,n n Dan Masaoka, 2018/08/15, 14:00

Third-Party Twitter Clients Remove Features as API Changes Loom, John Voorhees, 2018/08/15, 13:57

Pokémon GO gaining parental controls with ‘Niantic Kids’ log in feature, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/15, 13:52

Game Day: Holedown, John Voorhees, 2018/08/15, 13:32

New photos show depths of Apple’s expanding Mesa, Ariz. data center, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 13:19

Tour Apple’s global data command center at its 1.3 million square foot facility in Mesa, AZ, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/15, 13:16

HomeKit Weekly: Four ways to control cooling with fans and air conditioners, Zac Hall, 2018/08/15, 13:16

Apple probed in Japan for anti-competitive moves against Yahoo game platform, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 13:15

MIT scientists crack the case of breaking spaghetti in two, Jennifer Ouellette, 2018/08/15, 13:10

What’s new in iOS 12 beta 7 & 8, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 12:51

Tweetbot loses streaming, activity/stats tab, and Apple Watch app over Twitter API change, Zac Hall, 2018/08/15, 12:33

Credit card skimmers now need to fear the Reaper, Sean Gallagher, 2018/08/15, 12:25

Japan investigating Apple over allegations of anti-competitive practices with App Store and Yahoo, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/15, 12:21

Apple Offers Rare Look Inside Mesa, Arizona Data Center, Juli Clover, 2018/08/15, 12:10

Apple’s Group FaceTime delay is the right move. Here’s why, Jason Snell, 2018/08/15, 12:00

Australian gov’t wants to force tech firms to weaken crypto, Cyrus Farivar, 2018/08/15, 11:55

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New MacBook Air coming by end of quarter, research firm claims, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 10:53

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Apple Privately Advocates for Developer Adoption of Subscriptions, Ryan Christoffel, 2018/08/15, 10:26

Apple launches eighth developer beta of iOS 12 two days after pulling seventh beta, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 10:12

Apple Seeds Eighth Beta of iOS 12 to Developers After Pulling Seventh Beta Earlier This Week, Juli Clover, 2018/08/15, 10:04

Stacks on Stacks: A Guide to macOS Mojave’s Simplest New Desktop Feature, Steve Sande, 2018/08/15, 09:58

T-Mobile customer service ditches robots and call transfers as ‘Team of Experts’ offers dedicated 24/hr. support, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/15, 09:56

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 63 With Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements, Juli Clover, 2018/08/15, 09:53

Apple Expected to Release New MacBook Air at End of Third Quarter: September or October, Joe Rossignol, 2018/08/15, 09:49

9to5Toys Lunch Break: up to 0 off MacBook Pro, Elago MacBook Stand , Anker Nylon Lightning Cables from , more, Blair Altland, 2018/08/15, 09:30

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Spot-on analyst predicts Apple AR glasses and an Apple car within 2-5 years, but I hope he’s wrong, Michael Simon, 2018/08/15, 08:56

The best iPhone analyst is predicting Apple glasses and an Apple car by 2025, but I hope he’s wrong, Michael Simon, 2018/08/15, 08:56

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Nvidia’s Turing GPU architecture includes ray-tracing cores, 8K video playback support, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 06:53

If you want a gold-plated 2018 iPhone, you can preorder one now for 3,000, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/15, 06:51

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Alexa and Cortana integration starts rolling out today, Peter Bright, 2018/08/15, 06:00

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1,160 miles in 11 days: A grand tour with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Eric Bangeman, 2018/08/15, 05:00

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“Natural” birth-control app dogged by unwanted pregnancies gets FDA approval, Beth Mole, 2018/08/15, 04:30

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Verizon includes Apple TV 4K in residential 5G rollout plans, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 17:12

Apple working with Ron Moore to produce original Sci-Fi series featuring Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, & Sarah Jones, Peter Cao, 2018/08/14, 16:31

Apple’s original TV shows and series: Ronald D. Moore sci-fi series picks up a trio of stars, Jason Cross, 2018/08/14, 16:30

Apple TV 4K included in Verizon’s upcoming 5G service, Peter Cao, 2018/08/14, 15:53

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Defense bill signed into law, bans government use of ZTE, Huawei technology, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 12:31

Intel’s SGX blown wide open by, you guessed it, a speculative execution attack, Peter Bright, 2018/08/14, 12:18

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Apple has big ambitions in expanding vital sign monitoring, continuing hiring spree, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 11:41

‘Foreshadow’ Intel processor attack bypasses protections for secure data held on chip, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 11:32

Ajit Pai grilled by lawmakers on why FCC spread “myth” of DDoS attack, Jon Brodkin, 2018/08/14, 11:19

Dealmaster: Take off Bose’s flagship noise-cancelling headphones, Ars Staff, 2018/08/14, 11:09

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Spotify giving songwriters and producers credit on iOS, Zac Hall, 2018/08/14, 10:40

Hands on: JBL’s iPhone-connected Link 20 Bluetooth speaker with Google Assistant, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 10:37

If Apple wants to properly add Pencil support to the iPhone, it needs to copy the Galaxy Note 9, Michael Simon, 2018/08/14, 10:00

AirPods Wireless Charging Case Said to Work With Any Qi-Certified Charging Mat, Joe Rossignol, 2018/08/14, 09:46

FCC says court made error in approval of AT&T/Time Warner merger, Jon Brodkin, 2018/08/14, 09:33

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Apple’s HomePod claims six percent of the smart speaker market, as Google closes gap with Amazon, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 08:43

Google Pixel XL users say Android 9 Pie causes quick-charging problems, Ron Amadeo, 2018/08/14, 08:23

Analysts at odds over HomePod unit sales, but agree on 6% market share, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/14, 08:19

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SpaceX reveals the controls of its Dragon spacecraft for the first time, Eric Berger, 2018/08/14, 08:00

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HomePod Sales May Be Closer to 1-1.5 Million Than 3 Million Since the Speaker Launched, Joe Rossignol, 2018/08/14, 07:40

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Einstein’s equivalence principle updated with a dash of quantum, Chris Lee, 2018/08/14, 07:36

Apple patent (slightly) hints at Siri being able to recognize voices to personalize responses, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/14, 07:35

Malware has no trouble hiding and bypassing macOS user warnings, Dan Goodin, 2018/08/14, 07:22

ToothFairy Mac utility for AirPods updated with macOS Mojave Dark Mode, more, Zac Hall, 2018/08/14, 07:15

Apple proposes devices using depth mapping for gesture controls, contextual responses, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 07:15

Are diesel’s days numbered? A view from a trip to BYD’s electric bus factory, Megan Geuss, 2018/08/14, 07:10

Ars Pro: You can now PayPal us the money!, Eric Bangeman, 2018/08/14, 07:05

Banks secretly monitoring how you use your phone and computer to detect fraud, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/14, 07:03

Apple may be working on multi-user support for Siri, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/08/14, 06:57

Google Voice for iPhone & iPad gets new UI & Contacts tab, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 06:43

iPhone 2018 rumors: Pencil support and 512GB option on board for OLED models, Jason Cross,n n Michael Simon, 2018/08/14, 06:42

Hundreds of reports of hacked Instagram accounts, possible Russian link, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/14, 06:39

Australian law could force tech firms to hand over customer data, Engadget RSS Feed, 2018/08/14, 06:36

Adobe’s ultra-rare 40% discount for Photoshop Elements 2018 is back, Ian Paul, 2018/08/14, 06:35

This week’s best iTunes movie deals from : 2-film bundles starting at , more, 9to5toys, 2018/08/14, 06:03

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Home discovery app launches ‘Trulia Neighborhoods’ to give local insight and more to prospective house buyers, Michael Potuck, 2018/08/14, 06:00

Fortnite on Android gets off to a bumpy, Samsung-only start, lags behind PUBG, Sam Machkovech, 2018/08/14, 05:38

Turkey’s president calls for boycott of Apple products, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 05:34

Siri multi-user support could offer personalized responses to different voices, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 05:22

AppStories, Episode 74 – Fixing John’s Mixed Up, Messed Up, Broken Home Screen, John Voorhees, 2018/08/14, 05:21

Proposed Australian law threatens Apple with .3M fine, jail time, over encrypted data, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/14, 05:19

The scam: Apple’s trillion fraud, The Macalope, 2018/08/14, 05:00

Turkish president calls for iPhone boycott, amidst breakdown of Turkey-US relations, Benjamin Mayo, 2018/08/14, 04:42

Ex-NSA staffer demonstrates malware bypassing security checks in High Sierra, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/14, 04:36

Apple Pencil support, 512GB flash storage might be coming to 2018 iPhone refresh, AppleInsider – Frontpage News, 2018/08/14, 04:35

RapidWeaver 8 Debuts Redesign, New Responsive Themes, Unsplash Support, and Improved Plug-In Management, John Voorhees, 2018/08/14, 04:30

2018 OLED iPhones to support Apple Pencil, with 512GB top tier – Trendforce, Ben Lovejoy, 2018/08/14, 04:04

When budgeting calories, the Apple Watch’s weaknesses sometimes count as strengths, Leif Johnson, 2018/08/14, 04:00

Upcoming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone and 6.5-inch OLED iPhone Could Start at 9 and 9 Respectively, Say Analysts, Tim Hardwick, 2018/08/14, 03:25

PhotoBulk 2 review: Swiss Army knife for Mac batch image processing, J.R. Bookwalter, 2018/08/14, 03:00

Foscam E1 review: This battery-powered camera detects people and pets, Michael Ansaldo, 2018/08/14, 03:00

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