Apple must improve Apple Pencil pairing for iPhone

If Apple really does plan to enable Apple Pencil support on iPhones it absolutely must make one important change to the product – it has to improve pairing so it becomes more stable, and should try to make it possible for the pencil to work with both an iPhone and an iPad.

Apple Pencil pairing is tedious

The biggest problem I have with using an Apple Pencil and an iPad is pairing.

Not only do I find that pairing seems to stop working if I leave the pencil alone for too long, (Apple says pairing will last until you restart your iPad, turn on airplane mode, or pair with another iPad), but I always find it a little tedious making everything work together again once pairing does break.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying its egregiously tedious, just annoying.

The claim is that Apple will make it possible to

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Inside the iPhone Repair Ecosystem: Where Do Replacement Parts Come From and Can You Trust Them?

There’s a thriving market for unofficial, aftermarket iPhone parts, and in China, there are entire massive factories that are dedicated to producing these components for repair shops unable to get ahold of parts that have been produced by Apple.

The entire Apple device repair ecosystem is fascinating, complex, and oftentimes confusing to consumers given the disconnect between Apple, Apple Authorized Service Providers, third-party factories, and independent repair shops, so we thought we’d delve into the complicated world of Apple repairs.

The Aftermarket Factories

Our exploration of the repair ecosystem was inspired by a video sent to us by a trusted source that MacRumors has worked with in the past, who captured footage inside one of the many facilities in China that are dedicated to creating aftermarket iPhone parts.

This is a small scale operation where workers appear to be creating an aftermarket touch screen digitizer for the iPhone, a thin

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Apple’s iOS ‘Health Records’ Feature Now Works With 75+ Providers

Apple’s Health Records feature, introduced in iOS 11.3, now allows iOS users to access their medical records from more than 75 different hospitals and medical providers in the United States.

Apple maintains a list of all of the healthcare institutions that support Health Records on the iPhone, which as VentureBeat points out, was updated in August ahead of a talk from Apple’s Clinical and Health Informatics lead Ricky Bloomfield, M.D. given at the ONC 2nd Interoperability Forum (via EHR Intelligence).

When the Health Records feature first launched earlier this year, it worked with just 12 healthcare providers, a number that Apple has been working to improve. Recent additions include Kaiser in Oregon and Washington, Baptist Health, Buffalo Health, Greater Hudson Valley Health System, UC San Diego Health, UCLA Health, and others.

Health record data is available in the Health app, and allows patients who have multiple

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North Carolina elementary teachers will get iPads to bolster reading

Apple’s renewed push for iPads in schools appears to be paying dividends. North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson has unfurled plans to give the state’s K-3 teachers iPads to help improve and track student reading. Educators will use the tablets to “reduce burdens” and boost interaction as kids advance their reading levels. Johnson didn’t outline the cost per tablet, but the state will pay $6 million out of a $15 million pool of unused money from previous budget years.

Source: WRAL

How to use Password Auditing in macOS Mojave and iOS

It’s very important to use secure passwords to keep your systems and data safe. In recent years, Apple has made it much easier to create and remember complex and unique passwords with its system-wide, iCloud-synced Password Manager. Now, in iOS 12 and Mojave it takes this one step further, introducing new Password Auditing tools that let you identify which (if any) of your passwords you have reused and should replace with more secure, unique ones.

How to use Password Auditing

You’ll find these Password Auditing tools inside both iOS and macOS. Here is how to get to them:

On a Mac

Consumers are getting sick of imitation iPads, data shows

The tablet market is dying and the only makers making market share are Apple and Huawei, suggest the latest IDC and Strategy Analytics reports. Why is that surprising?

Consumers aren’t stupid

We live in an incredibly cynical age. Consumers feel as if they are being lied to constantly – by so-called leaders, so-called media and by advertising, too.

That’s why consumers are so responsive to the simple things: being treated with respect, being seen as people and not as idiots; and by being sold products that actually get better with time.

That’s what Apple offers all across its value chain: all the way from its retail stores to the regular iOS upgrades that make its products really cool and interesting again for years after you first purchase it.

Treating people well is also why iPads have a customer satisfaction rating of 94 percent, according to 451 Research.

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Apple is now a $1 trillion company

Apple’s success hit a new milestone today: It’s the first publicly traded trillion-dollar American company. Yesterday the firm announced an adjusted (higher) share count, and by this morning the stock price was rising with news that the company had almost hit the trillion-dollar mark. As spotted by 9to5Mac, the iOS Stocks app (pulling from Yahoo Finance) declared it had crossed the threshold this morning, but Google Finance didn’t agree. The stock price was hovering around $205 per share earlier today and has steadily rose as the trading hours pass, with CNBC reporting that stock price temporarily hit the $207.05 per-share needed to hit the record-setting market cap before falling back.

Source: CNBC

iOS 12 developer beta points to bezel-less iPad with FaceID

Last year, early iOS leaks gave us a preview of the eventual iPhone X and some details on Apple’s HomePod speaker. Now, 9to5Mac points out an icon in the iOS 12 developer beta that seems to show an iPad design with tiny bezels all around and missing the home button. Separately, code for accessibility features shows evidence of FaceID support in an upcoming iPad Pro likely scheduled for release this fall.

The image doesn’t show an iPhone X-like notch, so presumably new iPads would manage to squeeze a TrueDepth camera into the remaining bezel. With iPad sales remaining flat compared to last year, it seems likely that we’ll see new devices soon, and now we have some idea at least of what they’ll look like.

Source: 9to5Mac

The iOS 12 iPad user interface transition guide

Apple recently told us that lots of people buying iPads recently are new to the tablet, so it felt appropriate to flag-up some of the key changes you should expect in how you use yours when iOS 12 ships this fall.

What is inside?

Apple says iOS 12 will deliver a good collection of improvements when it ships. You can anticipate faster performance, improved battery life and stability enhancements. You should also look forward to new apps (such as the AR Measure app that lets you take measurements just by using your camera), lots more Siri intelligence across your system, big improvements in Photos, Siri Shortcuts and more. You’ll even get significant improvements in Maps.

Take a look at Apple’s iOS 12 Preview pages here.

What about the iPad user interface?

There are many changes to the iPad user interface. These make the iPad work a little more like the

Apple MMEF2AM/A AirPods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones with iOS 10 or Later White

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68 things Apple just told us about its business

“We’re thrilled to see so many customers enjoying AirPods. It reminds me of the early days of iPod when I started noticing white earbuds everywhere I went,” said Cook.

Apple’s recently published Q318 results confirm the company’s biggest June quarter ever, with over $53 billion revenues. In conversation after the announcement, the company revealed a bunch of additional insights, summarized here:

On iPhones

  • Over 100 billion Siri requests so far this year
  • The iPhone user base grew “double digits”.
  • iPhone sales grew faster than the market in the U.S., greater China, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, Mexico, and the Middle East and Africa
  • iPhone revenue grew 20% year-over-year with iPhone ASP increasing to $724 from $606
  • Double-digit unit growth in several markets including the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Reduced iPhone channel inventory by 3.5 million units during the quarter.
  • Apple Park outside

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Let’s talk about that iOS 12 Control Center for iPad change

Apple changes the way Control Center works in iPads running iOS 12, and the way it has done so lends weight to claims the company intends to put v.2 of its FaceID system inside some future iPad models.

What has changed?

The big change for iPads running iOS 12 is that when you want to get to your Control Center you need to swipe down from the upper-right status bar from your Home Screen or from inside any app.

That’s a change from how it works at the moment, which is a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen. And will be familiar to any iPhone X user, as that’s how those devices also work – swipe down from the top right to get to Control Center.

When you want to close Control Center, you must do one of:

How to use the Thesaurus in iOS 12

Apple added a built-in Oxford Thesaurus of English inside of iOS 12. It’s a fantastic tool if you are looking for a fresh way to say or describe something, but first you need to know where it is and how to use it.

Enabling the Thesaurus in iOS 12

The feature may not be enabled on your device. To check to make sure it is enabled, or to switch it on for the first time you should follow these steps:

— Settings>General

— Scroll to Dictionary, tap it to select it

— Check that Oxford Thesaurus of English is enabled – you should see a tick. If it is not, tap it to enable it.

That’s it.

How do I use the Thesaurus in iOS 12?

It’s quite simple to use the feature. You should find it in any app that allows you to write, so Mail, Pages, Ulysses,

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