eBay’s Instant Selling is a hassle-free way to sell your old phone

eBay has launched a new service that gives you a quick way to sell select phone models if you don’t want to deal with Craigslist buyers. It’s called Instant Selling, and the e-commerce platform says the whole process will only take you a few minutes from start to finish. The downside is you’re not getting cold hard cash for your phone — you’re getting an eBay voucher that you can use to purchase items from the website. If that’s not a dealbreaker (and you buy stuff from eBay regularly anyway), you might be able to get more for your device than what some trade-in programs offer.

Source: eBay Instant Selling

Apple is holding its iPad and Mac event on October 30th

Those rumors of Apple holding a second fall event were true. The company has announced plans for a special event on October 30th, and not at Apple Park — this time, it’s at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City. The teaser is cryptic apart from stating that “there’s more in the making,” but there are a few good ideas as to what to expect. While the stars of the show will likely be new iPad Pros that borrow the near bezel-free design of newer iPhones (the handwriting may be a clue), there are also rumors of a spiritual sequel to the MacBook Air, an overdue Mac mini update, new AirPods and more. One thing’s for sure: we’ll be there to give you the full scoop.

Apple is using backpacks to collect map data in San Francisco

Apple’s quest to improve Maps’ accuracy appears to include some on-foot action. Former Engadget writer Dante Cesa has posted photos of an Apple Maps worker carrying a backpack loaded with cameras, LiDAR sensors and other equipment as he walked through San Francisco. It’s not certain what the exact goal was, but MacRumors speculated that he was collecting details for pedestrian directions.

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Source: Dante Cesa (Twitter)

Apple Music teams up with Genius to add lyrics to its service

Apple Music has teamed up with Genius, a well-known compendium of song lyrics and musical knowledge, to provide lyrics for thousands of streamable songs on the service. That way, you don’t have to look up the lyrics to the latest hit song you’ve been listening to on repeat recently. If you fire up Genius’ iOS app or visit its website on desktop or mobile, though, you’ll find that the partnership works both ways: the lyrics platform now has an embedded Apple Music player.

Apple’s original shows may be free for device owners

Apple’s long-in-the-making streaming video service might not cost you anything. CNBC sources have reported that Apple’s offering will revolve around a revamped TV app where original programming will be available for free in addition to previously rumored paid “channels” for third-party services like HBO and Starz. Apparently, that’s a reason why Apple is interested in family-friendly shows — it doesn’t want to raise hackles by offering racy and violent material at no charge.

Source: CNBC

Apple may enlist UK telecom giant BT to jumpstart its TV strategy

Apple has been laying the groundwork for its entry into TV services for a while. Now, however, it might recruit one of the UK’s largest telecoms to help out. The Daily Telegraph sources have claimed that Apple is in “early discussions” with BT to distribute Apple TV devices to EE broadband customers. Each media hub would come pre-loaded with apps for BT Sport and third-party channels. Apple and BT have both declined to comment, but there are reasons why an alliance would make sense.

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Source: The Telegraph

Homeland Security has ‘no reason to doubt’ China spy chip refutals

Amazon and Apple have an unusual ally in their attempt to shoot down Bloomberg‘s claims of Chinese hardware surveillance: the US Department of Homeland Security. The agency joined the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre in saying it had “no reason to doubt” refutals at the moment. Supply chain protection is “core” to Homeland Security’s mission, according to the statement. This doesn’t completely rule out a future investigation, but the agency isn’t about to hop on the case.

Source: Department of Homeland Security

Apple’s free ‘Everyone Can Create’ curriculum is available on Apple Books

In March, Apple unveiled its Everyone Can Create curriculum, a program aimed at helping educators integrate drawing, music, video and photo skills into their lessons and assignments. Now, the company has made that curriculum available for free through Apple Books. The program includes four guides, with projects that help students progressively build skills in a creative medium, as well as a teacher guide that comes with 300 lesson ideas.

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Apple’s purchase of Shazam is $400 million well spent

At the tail-end of 2017, Apple announced that it was buying music discovery service Shazam for $400 million. Now that the deal has completed, the company has revealed that the platform will soon go ad-free. Even without the revenue that advertisements bring, it’s likely that the purchase price will be a bargain if Apple can use Shazam to become king of streaming.

Apple reportedly delays original shows over mature content

Apple has skewed toward safer fare for its upcoming streaming video service (with occasional exceptions), and it now looks like that might be creating problems for a few shows. Wall Street Journal sources have claimed that Apple’s push for more family-friendly material led it to replace the showrunner for the drama from Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, which (along with Witherspoon’s scheduling issues) led to delays. Apple wanted a “more upbeat” production and didn’t like some of the humor, according to the tipsters.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Apple Music on Android Auto is available to everyone

For those who’d rather diversify than remain loyal to one platform or brand, cross-platform support is a godsend. Apple Music, for instance, has finally rolled out an update that adds support for Android Auto, giving non-iPhone users a native in-car interface for the service. Cupertino first revealed the compatibility when it released a beta version of the music streaming service with Android Auto support back in August, but it was only available for those who sign up to be part of the app’s beta testers.

Source: Apple Music (Google Play)

iTunes headache is a reminder purchases might not travel with you

Anders Gonçalves da Silva recently had three movies disappear from his iTunes library and a letter he received from Apple stated that it was because those titles were no longer available from the iTunes Store. Naturally, the response caused outrage at the idea that Apple can delete movies you’ve paid for just because the provider doesn’t want them on iTunes any longer. But as CNET reports, it turns out da Silva’s situation was a little more complicated than that and it’s one that highlights the headaches digital content — and the licensing rules that go along with it — can cause for people moving to a new region.

Source: CNET

Facebook hopes to prove AR is more than selfie filters and games

As I’m surrounded by software engineers in a conference room with no natural light, playing augmented reality games on an iPhone, I forget for a second that I’m in Seattle visiting Facebook. Not Amazon or Microsoft. Facebook, a company that’s evolved from a simple social network to a full-on technology behemoth. Here, inside the largest engineering hub outside its Menlo Park headquarters, Facebook says people are working on many of the projects that will impact its 10-year roadmap and mission of “bringing the world closer together,” including Games, Groups, Messenger and, of course, ads. But I’m there to talk about one particular emerging technology that the company believes will be key to its future: augmented reality.

iOS 12 will fix your notifications September 17th

iOS 12 will be released September 17th. After spending nearly half of June’s WWDC keynote espousing the virtues of Memojis, Photo search and sharing, a half-hearted digital wellness initiative, and so much more, at the tail end of today’s keynote Tim Cook announced that it won’t be long before you can install the shiny new operating system on your cadre of Cupertino-designed devices. It’s said that the software will improve the performance of your older Apple gadgets too (fingers crossed for my iPad Mini 3), with apps getting up to a 200 percent speed boost in launch speed.

Live from Apple’s 2018 iPhone event!

Hello! Happy iPhone Day! (And if you’re here early, slow your roll!) Senior mobile editor Chris Velazco and I are reporting live from Cupertino, California on Wednesday, where Apple is holding its “Gather Round” iPhone launch at the Steve Jobs Theater. Today we expect to see — what else? — iPhone. Three, to be exact: the XS, the larger XS Max and a smaller model that borrows many features from last year’s iPhone X, while still coming in at a more reasonable price.

Also on tap, apparently? The fourth-generation Apple Watch, predictably called the Series 4, which is said to sport a larger display. If it sounds like I’m talking about these unannounced products in an unusual level of detail, that’s because these products have already been leaked to the press, with 9to5Mac even getting ahold of some elusive press shots.

That said, there’s still probably to be some Continue reading “Live from Apple’s 2018 iPhone event!”

Apple and Google will testify to Senate on data privacy September 26th

More tech companies are about to face congressional scrutiny. Leaders from Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Charter and Google are scheduled to testify before a US Senate panel at a data privacy hearing on September 26th. Senators will grill the companies on their existing approaches to privacy, how Congress can press for “clear privacy expectations” and how firms will adapt to stricter requirements like the European Union’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Source: Reuters

Security flaw left Safari and Edge users vulnerable to fake websites

A security researcher uncovered a flaw in both Safari and Microsoft’s Edge browser that allowed the URL of a safe website to be displayed in the address bar while users were actually being taken to a different, and possibly malicious, website. Rafay Baloch spotted the security issue and notified Apple and Microsoft in early June. But while Microsoft issued a fix in August, Apple has yet to respond to Baloch’s report.

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Source: Rafay Baloch