Apple will shut down Texture’s terrible Windows app

Apple bought Texture, the ‘Netflix for magazines,’ back in March as a clear bid to get in on an uncluttered media provider niche. The service gives subscribers unlimited access to a number of publications — but now, you won’t be able to use it on Windows devices. Without explanation, Apple informed users that the Texture app will be pulled from the Microsoft Store after June 30th. As of now, it will still be available for Android, Amazon Fire, and iOS.

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Apple Updates Mac App Developers on Mandatory 64-Bit Support in June

Apple sent developers a reminder on Wednesday that Mac apps need to support 64-bit by June 4. The company sent the following message outlining the details. 

“With the recent release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, the first time users launch an app that does not support 64-bit they will see an alert that the app is not optimized for their Mac.

As a reminder, new apps submitted to the Mac App Store must support 64-bit, and starting June 2018, app updates and existing apps must support 64-bit. If you distribute your apps outside the Mac App Store, we highly recommend distributing 64-bit binaries to make sure your users can continue to run your apps on future versions of macOS.”

Apple also indicated that users of 32-bit apps will see the message pictured above when launching the app for the first time in macOS 10.13.4. For

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Apple warns Mac users that 32-bit apps will soon stop working

Starting tomorrow, you’ll see an alert box when you open a 32-bit app in MacOS 10.13.4. The one-time-per-app warning is designed to encourage users — and developers — to update their apps before Apple’s full transition to 64-bit. It’s not clear when the complete switch will happen, but when it does, all support for the legacy architecture will cease and apps that haven’t been updated will stop working.

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All you need for a Volvo XC40 subscription is your iPhone

Getting a new car is getting even easier these days. BMW, Lexus and Volvo have all started selling cars via subscription. The Care by Volvo program gives you an all-wheel drive XC40, insurance, routine maintenance, roadside assistance and no money down for $600 a month. That sounds pretty great, but it’s also super easy to sign up. Now you can sign up and pay for your monthly car sub via an iOS app and Apple Pay.

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Declutter: Like Roomba for the Mac Desktop

Declutter Mac desk tidy

This is Declutter, It wants to keep your Mac tidy

I have a shameful confession: I save everything to my Mac’s Desktop and while I know that’s less of a problem than it used to be, I’ve been doing the exact same thing since the days when saving to Desktop was a big no-no. And it’s not as if my physical desk is at all tidy, either – it isn’t. I guess I’m just messy.

Introducing Declutter

For the last few weeks I’ve been using MacAppStudio’s Declutter utility. I have been intending to include it in a short round-up of essential Mac utilities at Computerworld, but haven’t managed to get round to writing that yet. However, the developers only recently launched Declutter, so I thought it was worth a short review. Here it is, in three tidy parts:

What is Declutter?

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Plan group trips in Skype with help from TripAdvisor and StubHub

Bringing TripAdvisor into a group chat is pretty easy — just tap the Add to Chat button and select TripAdvisor from the list of available plug-ins. You can choose a destination, then search for restaurants, hotels and activities in the area. Sharing interesting things from your search is as easy as tapping the Send button, and your TripAdvisor post will show up in the group chat.

StubHub works similarly; you open the add-in and search for an event, location or date and then select the tickets you want. Once that’s done, you can send the StubHub link to the entire group, and then everyone can click through to see the listings on the service, purchasing the seats they want.

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Apple takes a stance on crypto-miners in apps

Calendar 2, the Mac App that rolled out an update bundled with a crypto-miner that went berserk, was removed from iTunes shortly after news of its controversial new feature came out. Now, its developer has provided more details about what happened, giving us an idea of how Apple will deal with apps loaded with cryptocurrency miners in the future. Gregory Magarshak, founder of Calendar 2’s developer Qbix, told us that his company didn’t pull the app. Apple was the one that yanked it around an hour after the developer announced that it’s removing the miner altogether, making its stance on apps with crypto-miners a bit clearer than before.

Source: Calendar 2 (iTunes)

OneCast App Allows Xbox One Video Game Streaming to Mac

Until recently, playing console video games on a Mac was primarily for PlayStation 4 owners via Remote Play. But now the Xbox One is joining the party with the release of the new OneCast app.

OneCast lets Xbox One and Mac owners play games using the original Xbox One wireless controller connected to your Mac by either USB or Bluetooth connection.

Windows 10 machines have supported streaming for Xbox One gamers since 2015, but Mac owners had been forced to use apps such as Parallels to install Windows in order to play. OneCast says that its app supports HD 1080p video with high performance and “extremely low lag”.

You can find out more about the app at:

If you do plan to play your Xbox via Mac, be sure that your console has plenty of storage with an OWC External Storage Drive Upgrade Bundle.

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Twitter pulls the plug on its official Mac app

We had high hopes about Twitter for Mac after the company acquired Tweetie and put its name on the desktop app, but now Twitter is shutting it off. This evening its Support account revealed that its app has been pulled from the Mac store, and in 30 days “will no longer be supported.” Twitter said that it’s “focusing our efforts on a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms” so users will have to use the website, Tweetdeck or third-party apps.

It’s not really surprising either — back in 2015 we predicted that a 2018 update might bring already-behind the curve features like timeline syncing, but it was not to be. Most hardcore users are probably opting for other apps that have survived over the years like Tweetbot or Twitterific, so this news is more of a sad closing note to the app’s development than a major loss.

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Apple is reportedly buying Shazam and its music identification tech

In a bit of Friday afternoon news, TechCrunch reports that Apple plans to buy Shazam, the company behind the popular audio identification software and app. Apparently, the site’s sources indicate the deal could be announced Monday, but it’s quick to note the timing on these things isn’t always solid. As you can imagine, rumored terms of the deal, including a sale price, aren’t reliable just yet. The acquisition would give Apple ownership of the music, TV and movie identifying tech and a group of features it could easily take advantage of with its own products.

Source: TechCrunch

Google embraces the notch with iPhone X Gmail update

First released on November 3rd, the iPhone X forced developers to scramble to adapt apps to that famous notch and the lack of a home button. Google is no exception, and after optimizing its productivity suite last week (Docs, Sheets and Slides), it’s now Gmail’s turn. No longer will you have to put up with a letterboxed view of your communications, as Google’s mail app now integrates the cutout in its top rail.

GarageBand expands its music-making palette

Making music on a phone or tablet is generally an unpleasant experience. It’s easy enough to bang out a melody in a cute app like Bebot or whip up some controlled chaos in a soft synth like Animoog. But composing is difficult on a mobile device. One of the few apps that takes an honest (and semi-successful) stab at delivering a full mobile music production suite is GarageBand. Apple is making that app even better today with a pretty major update.

Apple wants you to gussy up your Clips videos with Disney art

Apple’s Clips is a neat experiment in video creation, and it seems pretty popular, too — the company says “millions” of people use it each month. For Apple’s sake, here’s hoping a lot of them are Disney fans. The company just released a new Clips update full of Disney animations and overlays, all to gussy up videos made by those devoted to the House of Mouse.

Your iPad is Your Art Teacher with ShadowDraw

I’m quite taken with the concept of ShadowDraw. If it delivers on what it promises then it has the potential to enable millions of people to learn to draw. It could be a really exciting thing to use.

How it works

Using the app, while you draw in the background of the iPad page you are drawing on you’ll see shadowy images showing you roughly where you should place your pencil in order to draw images the app thinks you want to create.

These shadows will change in reaction to what you do, it guesses what you want to draw and delivers a probability based shadow recommendation as you do. It isn’t like join the dots, as the AI inside of the app tries to figure out what you are drawing based on a huge database of analysed images.

The app isn’t available yet.

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You only have to log into NBC’s app once across Apple devices

It’s much easier to fire up This is US and SNL on iPhones and iPads now that NBC’s iOS app finally works with Apple’s single sign-on (SSO). You simply have to activate the feature on your device by going to Settings > TV Provider and typing in your cable TV credentials to log into all the apps you have that support it. This update will sound even better if you have an Apple TV, since the network’s tvOS application worked with SSO from the start.

Source: iTunes

Apple threatened to drop Uber’s app over iPhone tracking

Uber is no stranger to trouble, but it may have landed in some especially hot water two years ago. New York Times sources claim that Apple CEO Tim Cook held a face-to-face meeting in early 2015 to call out Uber’s Travis Kalanick (and threaten to remove his app from the App Store) after learning that Uber was not only violating iOS app privacy guidelines, but was trying to cover it up. Reportedly, the ridesharing outfit had been “fingerprinting” iPhones with permanent identities so that it could prevent drivers from cheating by creating fake accounts and accepting rides from these bogus customers. The IDs would last even after the app was deleted or the entire phone was wiped. While this helped keep drivers honest, it was clearly a privacy violation — and it was made worse by Uber’s bid to hide the tracking from App Store reviewers.

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Apple’s Clips app hits iOS today to make video creation a cinch

Remember that time Apple launched an iOS app called Clips so people could go forth and pepper their social networks with cleverly edited videos? Well, you probably don’t, because it hasn’t happened yet. Soon, though! If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be able to grab it from the App Store at around 1PM (Eastern) this afternoon. In the meantime, we’ve spent a little more time with Apple’s new video-editing app. Despite its dead-simple interface, Clips is capable of some pretty impressive feats.

Pacemaker+ makes your mixes better and easier to share

In news that’ll please budding mix-meisters (you’re not actually a DJ, sorry), popular iOS mixing app Pacemaker has just received a hefty paid update. Pacemaker+ doubles down on its existing social features, allowing users to seamlessly create and share their mixtapes using their Spotify Premium library. With over 30 million tracks at their fingertips, owners of the premium in-app upgrade will also have access to new mixing tools courtesy of Pacemaker+’s Studio features.