Cyberpunk 2077 world premiere: 50 minutes of William Gibson-level insanity

Enlarge (credit: CD Projekt RED)

Every E3 conference has that one behind-closed-doors gameplay reveal. The one that combines holy-cow gameplay, how’d-they-do-that visual trickery, and the mystique of hiding behind an “industry-only” shield. The one that sets tongues wagging.

This year, CD Projekt RED’s long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 has arguably claimed that buzzy throne. After a wild, brief tease in 2013, the William Gibson-inspired, near-future RPG went into hiding, but it has emerged at this year’s E3 to answer many questions—and to inspire another zillion.

One thing is for sure: this ambitious game, which currently has no release window, doesn’t resemble CDPR’s famous work on the Witcher franchise in the slightest.

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