Fed-up AMA doctors overwhelmingly support gun restrictions in sweeping votes

Enlarge / Semi-automatic long guns for sale are on display at Texas Gun, one of the 6,700 firearm dealers located near the 2,000 miles long U.S.-Mexico border. (credit: Getty | Gilles Mingasson )

The doctors are in—and frustrated, according to a series of votes at the American Medical Association’s annual policymaking meeting wrapping up in Chicago.

The nation’s largest physicians group overwhelmingly voted on Tuesday to adopt a series of aggressive stances on gun control and other policies aimed at curbing gun violence, according to the Associated Press. These include blanket support of assault weapon bans and disapproval of arming teachers.

The sweeping support for the measures comes amid a streak of school shootings, high rates of gun violence in inner cities, and soaring suicide rates (firearms are the most common method of suicide, accounting for roughly 49 percent, according to the latest figures from the Centers

Disease Control and Prevention).

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