MacStadium: Hosting Solutions for Apple Mac Infrastructure [Sponsor]

MacStadium is the premier Mac hosting company that provides dedicated Mac hardware and private cloud services. They have multiple data centers where your hardware is secure, always available, and supported by a team of Mac experts.

The ways you can use a Mac mini server are only limited by your imagination. For example, developers from small indie shops to some of the biggest companies in the world use MacStadium minis as build servers. With Xcode 9, it’s easy to set up an Xcode Server bot to handle your builds.

A Mac mini server is also a fantastic option for hosting a website. MacStories has run on a Mac mini at MacStadium for years, and it’s always been fast and reliable.

MacStadium’s servers work great with tools like Transmit, Sendy, Yourls, for storing files, sending email newsletters, and shortening URLs. You can even create a private Dropbox-like service ownCloud and bill clients with tools like Pancake. Those are just a few of the possibilities available when you use a Mac mini server.

The folks at MacStadium are running a special promotion for MacStories readers who want to try a Mac mini server for themselves. You can trial a Mac mini server in their data center for a full month at no cost. Sign up to rent a Mac mini using coupon code “MACSTORIES,” and you’ll be all set.

You can check out the details here.

Our thanks to MacStadium for sponsoring MacStories this week.

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