Take a tour of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR — and Apple Park — in this video

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Apple on Friday posted a "Guided Tour" of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR to its official YouTube channel, showing off the hardware’s latest features in a video almost identical to one shot for iPhone X in 2017. Unlike last year’s instructional guide, the short shared today takes place in and around Apple Park’s main office building, offering an inside look at facilities normally restricted to employees.

Hands-on: Apple Watch Series 4 Hermes

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Apple Watch Edition may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean Apple culled all premium Watch offerings from its lineup. AppleInsider goes hands on with the pricey $1300-plus Herm&egraves Apple Watch Series 4 to see what the higher price tag gets you.

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Hands-On With Apple’s New 6.5-Inch iPhone XS Max

It’s officially iPhone launch day, which means iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models are in Apple retail stores and have been delivered to customers all around the world. The first pre-orders began arriving this morning in the United States and millions of customers now have the new devices.

We got our hands on one of the new iPhone XS Max models this morning to check out that huge new screen, the new 6.5-inch size, the camera improvements, and the faster internals.

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The iPhone XS Max’s display measures in at 6.5-inches, and it features the biggest screen that Apple’s ever introduced. Size wise, the iPhone XS Max is a good bit larger than the iPhone X and XS, but it’s smaller in size than the iPhone 8 Plus despite the bigger display. It’s bigger than the iPhone X, and

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If you’re upgrading to an iPhone XS, your old iPhone X case might cause more harm than good

To the untrained eye, it seems as though the iPhone X and the iPhone XS are identical. They both have the same screen, the same dual camera, and the same dimensions, so it would stand to reason that any old iPhone X case would fit fine.

That’s not the case. Although some case makers were originally simply rebranding their iPhone X cases as iPhone XS cases after the Gather Round event earlier this month, things have changed since the iPhone XS started shipping. Apparently, the camera bump is imperceptibly taller on the iPhone XS, which is causing issues with some stiffer cases.

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Apple Stores Experiencing ‘Global’ Issue With iPhone and Apple Watch Reservation Pickups

We’re hearing from a number of readers over the past hour or so that Apple’s retail stores are having problems completing in-store reservation pickups for the new iPhone and Apple Watch models. Multiple customers have been told there is a “global” issue affecting Apple’s systems and we’re hearing there are some long lines building up as customers wait for the issues to be resolved.

Pickup line at Manhattan Village store in Manhattan Beach, California

Some customers have reportedly been told to cancel their existing reservations and make walk-in purchases from available stock, while others are simply being told to wait things out while staff members discuss how to handle the situation.

We’ll update this post if we hear more about the situation, but if you have an upcoming pickup window, you might want to be prepared for some delays.

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Hands-On With the New Apple Watch Series 4

Apple today began shipping the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4 out to customers today, and customers have been eagerly awaiting their shipments today to get their hands on Apple’s newest devices.

We picked up one of the new wrist-worn devices to see the design changes for ourselves and to provide a glimpse at the new device to MacRumors readers who are either awaiting their orders or who are still on the fence about making a purchase.

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Apple Watch Series 4 has a little bit bigger footprint but is slightly thinner than Apple Watch Series 3, and the larger display (35% larger on the 40mm watch and 32% larger on the 44mm watch) is the first thing you’ll notice about the updated models.

Yes, the Apple Watch no longer comes in 38 and 42mm sizes –

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How Apple Made Its New Apple Watch Faces

Apple has a variety of new watch faces built into watchOS 5. A couple are exclusive to the new Series 4 Watch, but older models will still have access to faces like Fire and Water, Vapor, and Liquid Metal. What you may not know about these faces is that they were all created using practical effects. Josh Rubin at Cool Hunting writes:

Talking to Alan Dye, Vice President of User Interface Design at Apple, about this particular project he shared that “it’s more of a story about the design team. We could have done this digitally, but we shot this all in a studio. It’s so indicative of how the design team works—bringing our best and varied talents together to create these faces.” Surely it would have been cheaper to just render fire, water, liquid metal and vapor, but this is what makes Apple special—putting in the time Continue reading “How Apple Made Its New Apple Watch Faces”

Apple Shares ‘Guided Tour’ of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

As it did for the iPhone X last year, Apple today shared a Guided Tour of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR on its YouTube channel, walking through some of the biggest features on the trio of devices.

The five-minute video provides an overview of various swiping gestures for navigating iOS 12, Face ID authentication, Portrait Mode with Depth Control, Dual SIM functionality, Memoji, group FaceTime, and more. As always, the Guided Tour is primarily targeted towards new users, but it has helpful tips for all.

The video is especially useful for those who have not used an iPhone X, and are upgrading directly to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR, as the lack of a home button can take a bit of getting used to.

Apple has used Guided Tours to help users adjust to new devices for years, including

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Telltale Games begins wave of layoffs, cancels Stranger Things game

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Enlarge / If today’s news about Telltale Games’ closure is true, that “final” season description may prove more accurate than Telltale originally intended. (credit: Telltale Games)

A wave of layoffs has apparently hit the video game studio Telltale Games, responsible for popular branching-narrative games based on the Walking Dead franchise. According to online reports, those affected by the layoffs have alleged that the studio is either shutting down entirely or staying afloat as a meager skeleton crew, ahead of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series‘ final season launch throughout this fall.

On Friday, independent reporter Andrea Ayres posted an allegation that the studio had shut down, based on feedback from a game-development Facebook community that simply said, “Telltale Games is closing their doors.” Shortly afterward, Telltale narrative designer Emily Grace Buck confirmed that she does “not have a job anymore” and added that she was looking for

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Spigen’s super slim & defensive cases arrive for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, & iPhone XR

Today is the day that Apple’s new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max officially hits stores as the first preorder shipments begin arriving to customers. Just in time, Spigen’s new cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and even the upcoming iPhone XR. 

Check out Spigen’s full collection below:

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